Wednesday, March 12, 2008



In the past, chibiguri was very opposed to eight myself or amaguri leaving without him. However, he has recently begun to understand that we have to go out sometimes and that even if we leave, we will be back a little later. So he no longer throws a fit if amaguri or I leave him behind.

He has also begun saying 'Goodbye' to us as we go. For exampled, when I awoke this morning, chibiguri was also awake and as I dressed, he rolled over and said 'Bye, Daddy'! he understood that I had to go somewhere he couldn't, but he knew I would be coming back later that day. So he simply said 'goodbye' and waved to me as I left the house. He does this for amaguri as well. In both our cases,he is very happy when we return- he will stop whatever he is doing and run to the door leading into the garage, from whence we usually enter and depart the house. He like to greet us as we return, though he does not always accompany us to the door when we leave.

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