Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Counting Gummi Bears

chibiguri has a nighttime routine. After he bathes, and before he goes to the toothbrushing, he really wants to have his daily gummi vitamin. However, this is not as simple as merely giving him a gummi vitamin- no, chibiguri has his own routine and he becomes very annoyed if he is not allowed to follow it. The routine is as follows:

1. chibiguri drags a kitchen chair to the cabinet wherein are stored and unlocks the cabinet.
2. chibiguri gets down from the chair and opens the cabinet
3. chibiguri opens the door
4. chibiguri replaces the chair and takes down the vitamin bottle
5. chibiguri opens the bottle and takes out three gummi vitamins- one for me, one for amaguri and one for him
6. chibiguri counts to ten (or sometimes twenty) before eating his vitamin.
7. chibiguri replaces the vitamins on the shelf and then repeats steps 1-4 in reverse.

chibiguri is fairly constant in counting to twenty, though he likes to occasionally throw us a curve by changing the number to which he counts before popping his vitamin into his little mouth. If he surprises us, he is very pleased- it is all about being one up on The Parents, I gather. However, he is getting better at the whole counting thing. now we just need to get him to count beyond twenty- he hasn't quite gotten that far on his own!

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