Thursday, February 07, 2008


Daycare Complaints

For the past two days, chibiguri has not wanted to go to daycare. Once I wake him up, he protest volubly until we are safely ensconced in the car. however, the trip is also becoming less favorable.

Daycare is located along a road, the opposite direction of which leads to chibiguri's favorite toy store. Every morning, when we reach the branch, he points to the direction of the toy store, saying the store name in a forceful tone. when we turn the other way, he complains. Loudly. I have been forced to promise that we will go to the store in the afternoon, and since I don't believe in breaking promises to children, I always keep my word.

However, he has also recently developed a habit of crying when i leave him at daycare. This is new- he never used to do this. typically, when I carry him through the door, he will commence crying and cling to me as tightly as possible to prevent me from leaving. Only by force can I detach his fingers from my pants, shirt or whatever part of my clothing to which he is currently attached. I fear that I shall have to develop a different route in the near future, as chibiguri now recognizes the route to daycare and is increasingly vocal about not being left there. of course, once I leave, he cheers up and plays happily with the other children, according to all accounts. And certainly he is always happy when i arrive to pick him up- last time he didn;'t even look up from his toys to say hello when I arrived.


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