Thursday, February 07, 2008


Colors and Numbers

chibiguri is beginning to be able to count! I was at a store with him the other day, and he correctly counted the number of toys in a bin for me. He is still not able to count higher than approximately fourteen, but he is getting closer and closer! his only drawback is his tendency to skip numbers- if there are two bunched closely together, he sometimes will count them as a single object. However, I feel optimistic that he will overcome this in time. once he masters the basic English numbers (1-20), it will be time to move on to Japanese numbers. he can understand them, but as of yet cannot actually pronounce them. So that is the next item on the agenda.

Her is also getting closer to being able to identify most of the primary colors. Her can correctly identify 'blue' on a regular basis. 'Red' is also fairly recognizable. he still has trouble with green, yellow, black and white, although if one asks him 'is this green?', he will say 'Yes', or 'No'. he has a number of books that cover colors, so here also I am optimistic that he will soon be becoming more steady at identifying colors. here, too, the next item will be to introduce Japanese colors to chibiguri- he can understand but not say them.

Not bad for a two-year old, wouldn't you say?

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