Monday, January 07, 2008



chibiguri has been unsure about the whole Christmas season, until he got to his aunt's for Christmas Eve. He has a number of presents, but he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do with them. So his unwrapping style was extremely circumspect- he would careful tug on the paper, with many covert looks at Mom and Dad to ensure that this was acceptable behavior. This caused the rest of the family to wait for long periods of time while chibiguri removed the wrapping from his presents.

however, the light bulb finally went on on Christmas Day. chibiguri is now not only a quick and brutal remover of wrappings, but he is quite willing to 'help' anyone else who happens to have packages covered in bright paper and bows. he is only too happy to wade in and rip the paper from said packages, with or without the owner's permission.

This is goo in that the delay is now minimized, but I suspect his parents' days of being able to sleep in on Christmas Day are now gone forever, as he understood that this particular day brings a plethora of new things for his enjoyment!

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