Saturday, November 24, 2007


Holiday 'Helping'

This weekend, I took advantage of the Thanksgiving break to completely clean and reorganize my garage. Naturally, chibiguri wanted to help. However, while the quantity of his help was undoubted, the quality of same was slightly more problematic.

First, I cleaned all the remnants from last summer's re-roofing project from the attic and the tops of the cabinets and other storage within the garage. this was a very dirty job and entailed a lot of ladder-climbing and sweeping with broom and dustpan. chibiguri, however, discovered that he was able to push around the msaller broom, and as I swsept the detritus into a heap, he enthusiastically assisted- resulting in said pile being once again scattered to the far ends of the garage! However, at least he understood the concept and did his best to help. He was not so helpful when I was occupied with other things, allowing chibiguri to indulge his curiosity.

As I was busy reorganizing the garage and discarding varous boxes, chibiguri discovered that the drawers in the garage actually opens, and began removing their contents. This would have been harmless, save that he found s heavy stamp constructed by my father and proceeded tio use it as a hammer on everything in sight- including his mother's car. This led to a time-out and a scolding Poor little chibiguri. However, the next task was much more successful for him.

After i had completed the garage cleanup (aided by Amaguri and chibiguri going to the park while I finished the hardest part) it was time to rake up the leaves. chibiguri was happy to take up a rake and help me dispose of the leaves on the gound. he did well at his task. However, Amagiuri wisely took chibiguri for a ねねドライブ (drive to put him to sleep) so he was taking a nap while I put up the Christmas lights, thus removing temptation.

All in all, chibiguri's Thanksgiving was quite good for him. He got to help his aunt and me make thanksgiving dinner while Amaguri was at work (which i shall blog on next), then he helped me clean out the garage and put up Chirstmas decorations. And tomorrow he will go with us to get a Christmas tree. I will report in that once it occurs.

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