Saturday, November 24, 2007


Cooking For Mom

This past Thansgiving, Amaguri was working, so my sister and I took on the task of preparing Thanksgiuving dinner for the family. As per our custom, we prepared a whole turkey, stuffing, cranberries, mashed sweet potatos and pumpikin pie. naturally, chibiguri wanted to help. But, his help was less than optimal.

However, we learned from last year and spent the morning wearing him out. As a result, when we prepared the turkey for roasting, he was peacefully sleeping on the couch. And was not in our way. However, that would be the only time in the afternoon when he was not underfoot. As dinner progressed, chibiguri rediscovered the joys of playing with pots and pans, and proceeded to remove them all from their cupboard and distributed them around the kitchen, much to our annoyance (and discomfort). However, this was minro compared to chibiguri's later activities. He decided that sitting immediately below Auntie's feet as she was engaged in making the cranberries was a Good Thing. Auntie disagreed, since she needed to be able to move freely around the kitchen!

However, despite chibiguri's presence in our way throughout most of the afternoon, we did manage to complete the dinner and Amaguri complimented us on our cooking 'skills'. We refrained from sharing the credit with chibiguri, though after spending the day cooking around chibiguri's presence, we did have a much better appreciation for Amaguri's home-making skills on those days she is home with chibiguri.

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