Friday, November 16, 2007


Coffee & Jazz

chibiguri and I went to a local coffee-house tonight. A friend's modern jazz band was playing, and as his usual bassist was not in attendance, he invited me over to play a little tuba. Unbeknownst to me, there were also two electric bass players in attendance, so there was a surfeit of bassists in thee house. Nevertheless, chibiguri and I went over to hear some good music and maybne play a little jazz.

When we entered, I asked chibiguri if he would like a drink. He responded 'Yes', so I purchased a hot chocolate for myself and got chibiguri a cup of water. He was very pleased to have his very own drink. He even managed to avoid spilling it, which is relatively unusual at this point in time. However, once the music started, chibiguri was a little nervous, as he was unacquainted with any of the members of the band, so he exhibited extreme clinginess, to the point of insisting that he be held the entire time. Since I was playing tuba, this made things less than optimal for a playing experience. However, I was able to play, and chibiguri was quite comfortable as long as he was being held on my lap.

We managed to do this for the better part of an hour, when chibiguri let me know that it was time to go home. He informed me by telling me 'ne-ne', which means 'sleep' in Japanese. So I thanked the band for letting us sti in, and took my leave. However, once we reached the house, chibiguri proceeded to exhibit signss of awwakeness, which lead me to suspect he simply wanted to go home and be in a more familiar environment. We watched part of the Lakers-Pistons game on ESPN, until Amaguri returned home, and shortly thereafter chibiguri finally did go to sleep- after demanding that both of us accompany him in bed while he dropped off to sleep! I regret that this is a nightly occurrence, as chibiguri finds it difficult to sleep without the presence of both myself and Amaguri.

However, overall, it was a very successful trip, and chibiguri behaved extremely well, considering that the environment was completely alien and other than myself, all the other adults present were complete strangers. I applaud chibiguri on his very successful negotiation of the entire situation, and it gives me hope that chibiguri will become easier to take out as he becomes older.

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