Friday, November 16, 2007


chibiguri In Class

chibiguri is attending a little class with Amaguri on Wednesdays where he does various artwork. Apparently chibiguri is a unique student, as Amaguri tells me that he is the sole member of the class who actually does hiss own painting. The other students' mothers do their work for them. As a result, his artistic efforts are not the most outstanding, but they are genuinely his own work. And as a result the teacher usually gives little chibiguri two stickers- one for each hand- as opposed to the other students' one sticker. She told Amaguri that this is because little chibiguri actgually is doing his own work.

When it is time to clean up, little chibiguri also has a unique way of cleaning up. When he draws with crayons, he brings all crayons to their storage box from his table. However, he seems to have inherited his mother's instincts for cleanliness, so to clean up more, he picks up any crayons that might be abandoned on the floor and also places them into the storage box.

So far, little chibiguri has created a number of 'artistic' paintings, a Thanksgiving Indian hairband, a handprint turkey farm, and a pumpkin. None of these are likely to land in the Smithsonian, but they are genuinely chibiguri'ss work and they do seem to show that he has some aptness for artistry.

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