Thursday, September 20, 2007


Vocabulary & Music

chibiguri is at last increasing his vocabulary. Besides his favorites (cow, horse), he has begun to learn several other new words. As we were reading last night, he was able to say 'pig'and 'sheep'. He has not yet mastered 'dog', but he knows what one is- both in Japanese and in English. We can point to a dog and say 'inu doko', or 'where is the dog', and he correctly points. He also has begun expanding his vocabulary in other directions. While he has steadfasstly refused to say 'train', he is very good at 'choo-choo'.

In addition, chibiguri has at last managed to make sounds on one of my horns. I received a little baritone, or possibly alto horn from a friend (it was his father's, who recently passed away) and I was playing it last night. I offered it to chibiguri, and showed him how to blow, and he was able to make distinct sounds on it. I was quite pleased wiuth him, and he was able to make both a a semi-high note and a lower note. He is a long way from being able to play, but he has clearly made a start.

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