Friday, September 07, 2007


The Terrible Twos

Wll, it seems that chibiguri has finally enterd the dreaded Terrible Twos- though his entrance comes a little earlier than I had hoped. Just a few weeks shy of his second birthday, chibiguri has begun using the word 'no' and 'mine' more and more. His wishes to possess things not belonging to him have surfaced as he attemtps to wrest my keys, cell phone and various musical instruments from me, even when i am clearly in the process of using them! He also is much more open about using the word 'no' to respond to requests from me and from his mother.

However, the most worrying behavioral symptom is that he has become prone to throwing temper tantrums when he does not get his own way. This is new behavior, and he is even doing this at the day-care provider, where he was heretofore considered a very exceptional child- never causing problems.

There are soem postiive signs as well, though. he will give things back when requested, and he still shows politeness in most areas. So we can hope that this new temper is merely part of the two-year-old process and is not soimething that will persist once he passes this necessary stage.

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