Friday, September 14, 2007


Sleeping Revisited

Well, we have moved chibiguri's bed into his own room, thus creating more space for his mother and me in the main bed. While he still needs to be in with us to actually go to sleep, once he drops off, we have fopund that he is quite amenable to being moved. We deliberately left a break in one side of his crib to allow hiom to climb down by himself if he wakes during the night and needs company. But....

chibiguri has developed a bad habit of waking in the night and then needing parental companionship in order to go back to sleep. The typical process is thus:

1. chibiguri starts to complain, though he reamins asleep
2., This complaining wakes amaguri and me. (This usually occurs around 2 or 3 in the morning)
3. chibiguri wakes, and toddles into our room, where he insists that he needs to occurpy the majority of our bed
4. chibiguri goes to sleep, but we are too tired to remove him to his own bed (especailly on work nights) and we all0ow him to remain
5. chibiguri rearranges himself to be horizontal, thus decreasing the amount of space that his mother and I can occupy. he also has developed the habit of kicking in order to clear up space for himself.
6. chibiguri sleeps. We don't.

So the upshot is that our brilliant plan of moving chibiguri's bed to his own room did not exactly ease our own slepping situation. I look forward to the day when chibiguri is able to go to slepp and remain in hios own bed.

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