Friday, September 14, 2007


Jungle Gym

chibiguri's second birthday is coming up fast, and so it became time to go shopping for birthday presents. Rule Number One is- when shopping for presents, taking the presentee with one is an extremely bad idea! However, as it was a weekend and daycare was not available, Amaguri and I took chibiguri with us to the local Toys R Us to look for a suitable birthday present.

i had initially thought that a pedal car would be a good choice, but since his aunt was kind enough to get him a tricycle, we made a small change. As has been noted here on this blog, chibiguri is quite the climber, and he loves to be physically active. Therefroe, we deteremined that a jungle gym might be a good choice. Unfortunately, our backyard, like so many Bay Area domiciles, is approximately the same size as a typical mouse run, making the larger sets impossible.

As chibiguri's wonderful Aunt had also mentioned the possibility of a jungle gym, we called her on the phone and spoke to her regarding the possibility of splitting the cost of a set with us. She was delighted to do so, and we chose a set we thought would be suitable. One problem- getting it home taxed the carrying capacities of our not-so-large vehicles to the utmost. However, we did succeeed and set it up that very evening.

The set is the Little Tykes Double-Decker and chibiguri loves it. He has already discovered the joys of the slide, and he also has tried every possible climbing method associated with the set. Now our only concern is that he occasionally wants his mother and me to accompany him on his slide and climbing forays. As the set is not designed for the weight of such as we, this occasionally creates a problem, though he usually is content to have us walk beside him as he does the actual climbing and sliding!

This is good for us, as it makes it somewhat easier to tire him out, making bath and bed slightly less strenuous. I highly receommend jungle gyms for almost-two year old boys. In my next post, I will talk about the preparations for his party.

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