Friday, September 14, 2007



I was at as friend's place over the weekend, since my friend wanted to give little chibiguri an early birthday present. My friend, henceforth known as Joshi, had a little cardio machine in her apartment. One would think that chibiguri, at not even two, would have been intimidated by the exercise machine. One would be completely mistaken.

chibiguri has discovered an affinity for exercise equipment. At a friend's barbeque a couple of weeks presviously, chibiguri was attached to the resident treadmill, and it was only with great difficulty that we persauded him to loosen his grip and accompany us home. At Joshi's apartment, chibiguri was fascinateed by the machine as soon as fully wakened, and he soon discovered how to use it. i hope to have pictures posted soon to show how immensely chibiguri enjoyed the cardio machine.

I dread the day when chibiguri is old enough that we have to break down and get him something similar, though the jungle gym mentioned in my previous post will undoubtedly suffice for the nonce.


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