Monday, September 24, 2007


chibiguri @ Two

chibiguri turned two years old yesterday. We had a party for him on Saturday, inviting a number of our friends and their families to come help celebrate this major milestone in chibiguri's life. Since chibiguri is allergic to eggs, wheat and peanuts, we had to ensure that the cake was entirely without these substances, but amaguri was able to use jello to create a masterpiece that both looked and tasted quite delicious. And equally fortunately, the weather also decided to cooperate. Although the skies were threatening through much of the morning, the rain ceased and the backyard dried out enough to allow us to put out the outdoor toys for the kids who attended.

chibiguri was quite funny. He was very excited as we decorated in preparation for the party, which entailed putting up balloons, pushing the furniture against the walls and hanging streamers. Once the guests began to arrive, he was initially very shy as his home was invaded by a large number of children and their parfents. However, once he realized that the day was in his honor, he entered into the spriti of the occasion, including having 'Happy Birthday' sung to him by the assembled guests. He was very pleased with himself, and I think he understood the significance of the day, unlike last year, when he was mostly noncomprehending.

My sister was a huge help, watching chibiguri while amaguri and I dealt with the cooking and the general tasks associated with hosting a gatherinbg such as this. However, all the guests and the children were extremely well-behaved and overasll it was a very good day for all.

On the Sunday, we took chibiguri to my brother-in-law's ranch north of San Fracnisco and he was able to see his vfavorite animals- cows and horses. We also flew his big kite a bit and enjoyed the leftover food from the previous day's barbeque. All in all it was a very enjoyable weekend, and I think chibiguri had a wonderful time. A truly fitting event for his second birthday. Thanks to all who attended and helped to make it such a wonderful day for him.

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