Saturday, November 12, 2005


Quiet Days

Chibiguri was very quiet today. I am not sure why. Perhaps because he is typically up several times a night, and since I also was up working all last night, he was a little tired out. Or maybe he has decided that waking up every two hours or so for more food is a little too tight a schedule. In any event, he spent much of today sleeping, only waking a few times to consume more food, and he even went to sleep on my chest while I was watching the USC-Cal game this afternoon.

If you have never had a baby go to sleep on your chest, it is an amazing feeling to have that little person, so trusting and so completely dependent on you nestled close. I have never been much of a child person, but I now understand why the old bromide- you'll never understand til you have your own is so prevalent. It may be sappy- but it is true. Feeding we will discuss later. Right now, I hear him call for more feeding. Or maybe more attentin. Back soon...

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