Saturday, November 12, 2005


Introducing Chibiguri

This blog will follow the adventures of our new baby, who shall henceforth be known to all and sundry as chibiguri. He was born on September 23, 2005, and while I had been following the pregnancy with great interest, I confess that I became involved in other events and was unable to keep up with the ongoing posting.

Chibiguri is now six weeks and one day old, and he is a very solid little guy. He has grown 3 pounds and at elast a couple of inches in the weeks since we brought him home, and he is a very affectionate little guy, though quite determined when he wants something. These somethings are usually food, poop and pee- not necessarily in that order!

We have become very fond of Chibiguri, and Mrs Gankomon and I and her mother, who is currenlty sharing our abode here have often had our hadns full. I wish babies came with an instruction manual- it would be SO much easier that way to troubleshoot their idiosyncracies!

At any rate, the purpose of this opening post is to introduce you the reader to us and to CHibiguri himself. We will keep this page updated as often as our scheduled allow- at least several timea a week, I should think. Enjoy the ride!

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